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Billingshurst Artisan Market
Terms and Conditions for Traders

Location: The Six Bells car park, Mill Lane Billingshurst RH14 9JZ

Terms and Conditions under which the market operates, and each market trader must abide by these terms and conditions and satisfy Billingshurst Artisan Market that they are bona fide market traders.

These terms and conditions govern the use of stall(s) in the market area by traders. Any trader who contravenes any of the terms and conditions, statutory provisions, regulations, order of any byelaws relating to the market, may be refused permission to use a pitch in the market.
Traders must comply with the directions of the Events Officer or other authorised representative and no other action shall be carried out on a stall other than that for which the trader is granted permission.
Each trader must apply for permission to trade on market by contacting Billingshurst Artisan Market (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), together with the required documentation.


1.1. A stall space is not guaranteed until all information and requested documentation has been received and we have written to the trader confirming their space. These include (where applicable):
• Risk Assessments – including Covid-19
• Relevant Insurances
• Gas/Electrical compliance certifications
• Food Hygiene rating/certification

1.2. Billingshurst Artisan Market reserves the right to decline any application if it considers that any trade or product/service will be over-represented in the market.


2.1. All Traders must hold a valid insurance policy for Public Liability Insurance for claims of up to £5,000,000
and make it available. Traders not holding this cover will not be permitted to trade on the market.
2.2. All traders/stallholders shall indemnify Billingshurst Artisan Market and any of its representatives from and against all actions, proceedings, damage, claims, losses or outgoings of whatever nature arising out of the trader’s use of any stall, pitch, vehicle or stand etc. on the market.
2.3. A trader shall have no claim for compensation for any loss whatsoever on the termination or suspension
or where a pitch is not available or made available to the trader for whatever reason, nor for loss or
damage to stock, to stalls or to any other items brought onto the market by the licensee.
2.4. Billingshurst Artisan Market and any of its representatives will not be responsible for personal injury or death unless the personal injury or death has been caused by the negligence of the organiser.


3.1. Billingshurst Artisan Market can provide standard gazebos on hard standing.

3.2. Billingshurst Artisan Market is charging a £25 paid either cash, BACs or Paypal on the website Failure to attend on the day, or cancel within 2 days of the event happening, the charge will not be refunded.

3.3. Traders shall provide their own tables and only use the pitch allocated to them.
3.4. Traders are to take away their own rubbish.


4.1. Traders are to arrive on site to set-up between 7:30am and 9:00am
4.2. Gates to the High Street will be locked at 9:00am. Access after this time will be strictly prohibited due to
health and safety as this is a public area.
4.3. Traders must be in position by 9:00am on the day of the market ready to be trading for 9:30am and continue
through to the end of the market at 13:30pm

4.5. No vehicles will be allowed on and off site for restocking purposes during the market hours.

4.6. The Organisers will monitor the weather and wind speed prior to and during the market for exceptionally adverse weather conditions (heavy rain, snow, wind speed in excess of 30mph). This may vary any of the hours specified in these terms and conditions or potentially close the market for everyone’s safety.

4.7. We reserve the right to cancel the market at any time. Items bought by exhibitors in advance specifically for the show will not be reimbursed.
4.8. Billingshurst Artisan Market cannot and will not be responsible for the loss of trade and/or goods due to weather conditions.


5.1. Traders shall sell or offer for sale from their stalls only the goods listed on their application form. A market
trader may not amend the approved list unless the Billingshurst Artisan Market is notified in writing and approval for
such variation is given.
5.2. The identity of the Trader shall be clearly and prominently displayed at all times and shall give the trading name and address of the Trader.
5.3. The Trader shall display prominently the prices of all goods being sold.



6.1. Traders shall provide and maintain sufficient rubbish bins around the immediate vicinity of their
stall/vehicle/s for the public and ensure that these are emptied regularly and kept tidy.
6.2. Traders must take all goods, materials, containers, receptacles, equipment and rubbish with them when
they vacate the pitch.



7.1. The following must always be observed by traders and/or their employees:
• No Smoking
• No drugs or alcohol (consumption)


7.2. Traders are expected to present a positive image at market and treat customers, fellow Traders with respect and courtesy.
7.3. Traders must demonstrate respect and be mindful of comments made whilst trading and/or on social media and/or or any publications.
7.4. A trader shall not, to the annoyance of any other person, use any loudspeaker, noisy instruments or loud music.
7.5. Traders are not allowed to bring any animals onto the market, except Assistance Dogs.

8.1. Smoking will not be permitted within the confines of the market area.


9.1. No generators are permitted to be used on site.
9.2. The use of LPG is permitted on site. A Competent Person must check the gas cylinder connections prior
to arriving at the event site (Note:- Competent Person means someone who has at least done this before and knows the procedure and what to look for)
• Do not assume that since the last event the gas connections are safe.
• 5 Points check list for consideration regarding gas cylinder use on site:

1. Don't open the valve until connected
2. Check for leaks by at least smelling around the connection for gas
3. Don't hesitate to warn people
4. Leave a cylinder to discharge before going back to it
5. If you are unsure ask for help


10.1. Traders have a duty to protect themselves and others from health and safety risks created whilst trading.
Such activities can include, but are not limited to:
• Setting up and packing away
• The supply and use of electrical equipment, materials and substances.
• The use of any gas appliances or powered tools.
• The movement of vehicles.
10.2. Slips and trips are the most common hazard to pedestrians from the items placed on the ground, including trailing leads and spillages. Fixtures and fittings should be in good condition and securely erected.
10.3. Any trader’s gazebo must be of substantial build (we do not allow domestic pop-up gazebos on site). They
must be weighted down with 15kg weights per leg and securely fixed in place using clips/ties that are in
good condition and fit for purpose.
10.4. Trip hazards should be minimised, and anti-trip matting used where needed.
10.5. Protrusions from the stall should not pose a risk to passers-by or cause obstructions to the road and emergency access ways.
10.6. Any Trader handling food for public consumption must be aware of and compliant with the current Food
Safety Legislation and have registered with their Local Environmental Health Improvement Team as a food business.

10.7. The Trader shall keep and maintain sufficient fire extinguishers and / or other safety equipment and make proper safety arrangements and ensure that all such equipment is operable and ready for use at all time during the event


11.1. Billingshurst Artisan Market is committed to equal opportunities where it applies to both the running of, and
the trading on, the market. This means that no one will be treated less favourably or suffer any detriment on the grounds of sex, race, ethnic origin, marital status, sexual orientation, age or disability. Billingshurst Artisan Market is also committed to anti-discriminatory practices with regards to the service our customers, clients or contractors on the same grounds as above this means that:
• No trader may abuse or refuse service to any customer on the grounds of sex, race, ethnic origin, marital status, sexual orientation, age or disability.



12.1. Billingshurst Artisan Market reserves the right to request the removal of any trader who has breached the
market terms and conditions or falsified application information or whose actions are not in the best
interests of market.

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